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Working Committees

TRMA has nine working groups that support the various efforts of the associations. These committees are engaged in operational and strategic activities for the organization. 


The Benchmarking Committee is responsible for developing and disseminating benchmarking data as well as industry information for TRMA participating members.

Business Affiliate Advisory Board (BAAB)

The BAAB is composed of ten Business Affiliate members that help the TRMA Board develop policy and resources for the organization.  


The Communications Committee has primary oversight for the strategy, content, and delivery vehicles for all internal and external communications. Included in the responsibilities of this committee are Web site content and management, membership newsletters, strategic messages, content review and approval, and direct support of TRMA committees' plans and objectives.


The Program Committee is responsible for assisting prospective presenters at TRMA meetings. Program Committee members have the opportunity to expand their network of telecommunications collections professionals through the coordination of meeting presentations.


The Regulatory Committee serves as the focal point for legislative and regulatory issues for TRMA. The group obtains the most recent legislative and regulatory information, assembles it into organized formats, and disseminates it to the members of TRMA via the Regulatory Proceedings Matrix. The group also works towards influencing regulatory reform for the good of the industry and its customers.


The Membership Committee builds and strengthens TRMA by seeking companies that would benefit from membership. The Committee is responsible for prospecting and recruiting new Voting Members and Vendor Affiliates.

Fraud (Special Interest Group) 

This Special Interest Group (SIG) brings together people who have a strong interest in fraud, credit, and collections risk management.